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Information Regarding Bookings:

The DJ (1997-):

Speakerguyz has over 26 years of experience in DJing! He always thoroughly prepares for his live performances and never plays from routine. His sets are enriched with carefully selected tracks, promo recordings, custom-made bootlegs, and mashups. In some cases, he includes as many as 30-35 songs in his sets within an hour. Therefore, they are by no means boring or monotonous, while ensuring quality!

He places great emphasis on audience reactions and adapts very well to them. He skillfully combines the greatest classics of the Hardstyle, Hands Up and Trance genres with lesser-known but sophisticated classics, without overplaying them..

The Producer & Host (2004-):

Although his producer career started a bit later than his DJing career, Speakerguyz has gained 20 years of experience in this field. Among Speakerguyz 's creations, there are works that differ greatly from the norm. However, thanks to his diverse portfolio, he is able to adapt to the needs of clients while maintaining his own unique style. Accepted types of work include remixes and lyric writing. Ghost producing or collaborative songwriting is not available!
Since 2004, he has also dabbled in radio, resulting in humorous greetings, intros, spots, rhyming blends, and - although this belongs more to the 'DJ' category - thematic mixes can also be ordered. Currently, radio show production is on hold!

The Label Owner (2012-):

On May 1, 2012, he founded his own label (more information in the menu), which now has several sub-labels specializing in different genres.

Other Important Informations:

Except for exceptional cases (such as charity or special partnership agreements), Speakerguyz does not accept free bookings! Recordings containing copyrighted material and officially released works by Speakerguyz are not sent to anyone, as this is not a warez site! For booking terms and other details, please inquire via private message! Detailed press kits are available for Booking Partners, containing photos, demo recordings, live sets, biography, references, and more detailed information in the imprint.

IMPORTANT: SPAM, direct marketing, and fraudulent emails will be automatically ignored!