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Speakerguyz is a Hungarian lyricist, promoter, booking manager, label owner, radio host, DJ, and producer. The project was formed on the summer of 2013.

Speakerguyz started dealing with music on an amateur level in 1997. He first encountered the Trance genre on the 'In Da House 2' album distributed by Record Express, where he discovered artists such as DJ Quicksilver, Scooter, Sash!, Kadoc, Sequential One... Inspired by the album, he hosted his first private house party in August 1997, which was so successful that he received more and more requests for gigs in his hometown and neighboring towns. The first, still rudimentary and unfinished original song dates back to this year (M@sterz DJ Team - Finally). However, active production only started years later.

From May 1998, he also appeared in official entertainment venues as a DJ, and his professional DJ career began in November 2000. This is when he received his first residency, which he held for over half a year - until the club closed down. It was during this residency that the name DJ Home stuck with him because he felt so at home at his first residency.

In November 2000, he launched his annual mix series titled 'Startmix', which he continued until 2010. The first 2 albums were officially released, distributed by the legendary Universal Music, but due to his obscurity and low sales, they were discontinued. Inspired by the mix albums, from the summer of 2002, he started producing unique mashups/bootlegs, and two years later, in the summer of 2004, he dipped his toes into production and radio hosting. From September 2004, to improve his skills and knowledge, he began relevant studies in media studies/communication. He completed his first professional internship as an assistant editor at one of Budapest's (then) most popular commercial radios until the end of 2004. His first official release took place in October 2005 (DJ Home - Rock!).

Alongside radio hosting and production, he performed at several smaller and larger domestic venues until the breakthrough came in 2005 when he performed at Budapest Parade, the capital's largest outdoor festival at the time. Following this, he received more and more requests, mainly from abroad. He toured countries such as Poland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, as well as the United States and Japan.

In 2007, he met Daniel Bukor, who provided him with the opportunity to present his shows on Brother FM in Érd. A professional and friendly relationship developed, resulting in further collaborations. They organized several events together (under the name Prestige Night DJ Team) across the country. From February 2009, he also appeared on Radio 24 in Dunaújváros on Friday evenings with his own production called Prestige Night, boasting up to 30,000 listeners! The Club Heaven, which had a contract with the radio, also provided him with opportunities for regular performances.

From September 2010, he could be seen as a presenter alongside Bass Rider on MIX8 TV, in the show titled 'Hands's Up Session Night'. This led to opportunities to perform at some Hands's Up Session events (Living Room/Diesel Club), as well as in the Hungarian Hardstyle project at venues like the (new) Kashmir and the Gicch Club.

On May 1, 2012, he founded his own label, Start Records Hungary, with the first release being the track 'DJ Home meets Crazy Mind feat. Change - Faceman', released on June 22, 2012. One of his most successful projects was formed in the summer of 2013, Speakerguyz, with Sebeko Jr., representing the harder styles of Hard Trance and Hard Dance. Their first recording, 'Galaxy', was released in July 2013 and shortly after its release, it became very successful, with over 500,000 sales (including streaming data). Their 2nd single and also their last joint work was released in January 2014, titled 'Remember The Summer'. Sebeko Jr. left the formation in the summer of 2017.

The DJ Home project paused for a short time and eventually ceased at the end of 2016. In 2017, he continued the year with a completely new image, name, and sound; thus, Dancecore Invaderz was born. His tracks typically rely on a performance-based, simple structural approach and do not necessarily adhere to mandatory templates (e.g., 32 beats), with the main melody often taking the most characteristic role. Some of his compositions even intentionally include false, dissonant sounds, not adhering to obligatory standards. The professional reception varies, but the successes of some of his recordings speak for themselves! On his Soundcloud profile (which has since been deleted), he achieved over 12 million listens in 6 years.

His most successful recording, 'Cairo', released in 2018, sold over 350,000 copies (including streaming data). Similarly successful was his second official release, 'Dancecore Explosion', which, in addition to its 2 million SoundCloud listens, was featured on one of the prestigious Deep Dance series (156). Additionally, the 89ers' Higher Love Bootleg and the Mortal Kombat remake also garnered millions of views on his SoundCloud profile. Perhaps due to these successes, a major promoter team and distributor took notice of him, and he received several international invitations. These included both smaller and larger events, as well as private functions. Under the name Dancecore Invaderz, from 2017 onwards, he performed in the following countries: Hungary, Poland, Germany, Northern Ireland, France, Finland, the Netherlands, India, as well as Russia. Notably, he has attended the Amsterdam Dance Event several times, as well as the Reeperbahn Festival.

In the summer of 2021, an official remix of a former Russian folk song, Rodina, was released, which was managed by Planet Punk, one of Germany's largest dance portfolios (owned by Rocco). His remix, produced under the pseudonym Speakerguyz, was featured on the renowned Dutch duo W&W's "Rave Culture EDM" playlist, which has over 130,000 followers.

Since the beginning of his career, he has been associated with more than 300 original recordings/remakes and numerous bootlegs, mashups, ghost productions, and mix series. On June 1, 2020, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, he returned to one of his former passions, radio hosting, which ran until September 2023 with minor modifications and a name change, experiencing nearly 60 broadcasts. Several prominent figures within the genre participated in the shows in some capacity - whether through their own mixes or promotional spots (including: Náksi Attila, Special D. Danceland DJ Team, and many others...). On December 26, 2020, he prepared the guest mix for the third hour of the Sláger DJ show hosted by Náksi Attila on Sláger FM.

According to his own account, he feels closest to the Hard Trance and Dancecore genre(s) and has conducted extensive research on the evolution of these styles, observing causal relationships as well as the effects and motivations generated by individual artists. Influences/favorites include: Ralph Fritsch, Pulsedriver, DJs@Work, Cosmic Gate, Green Court, DJ Shog, CJ Stone, DJ Scot Project, Gigi D' Agostino, Starsplash, Megara vs. DJ Lee, and many others...

In summary: he has more than 26 years of DJ experience, 20 years of producer & radio host experience, and 12 years of label management experience! His works, comprising over 300 original creations, as well as releases bearing his name, have been played in numerous countries around the world and have achieved over 1 million sales!