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Welcome Dear Hardstyle Loverz,

My name is Speakerguyz, but you already know that.

May 10, 2024, is a very special day in my life because my album, Return, has been released, marking my first album in my music career! Let me share with you a backstory that will reveal the impulses that led me back to the Hardstyle genre after 10 years. But to understand this, let's go back to the beginning!

I started my journey into music in the summer of 1997, initially as a DJ. I played at many house parties in the early months, and a year later, I was performing at official entertainment venues. In November 2000, I became a resident DJ for the first time. My journey as a producer began later, in 2004. Initially, I created bootlegs and mashups, then I started producing music in an autodidactic way, using FL Studio - oh, sorry, back then it was called F├║ruity Loops. My musical taste is primarily rooted in Hard Trance and Dancecore genres, but of course, Hardstyle holds a special place in my heart. One of my biggest inspirations was Ralph Fridge, a true pioneer of Trance, whom we got to know from the early days of Komakino. Later, he embarked on a solo career, showcasing a new waves of Trance. Pulsedriver, the founder of Aqualoop Records, also had a significant influence on me. I must note, however, that in the early days, Ralph Fridge and Pulsedriver's styles were very similar, but keen listeners could detect the some little bit differences in their subtle variations. DJ Scot Project, another pioneer and charismatic personality in the world of Hard Trance, also had a profound impact on me. Perhaps one of my favorites being a remix he did of Hypertraxx's "Paranoid" in 2001, still resonates with me.

But let's also talk about my encounter with the Hardstyle genre:

At the end of 2002, I bought the DJ Networx 15 album. And since the first track of the second CD was Donkey Rollers - Strike Again, that was the first Hardstyle track I ever heard. Of course, I was a big fan of older Zany creations - especially the Club Robbers project was one of my favorites. Zany is Zany, an epic pillar of the Hardstyle genre and a role model for many of us.

Following that, I was truly captivated by the Hardstyle genre, listening to a lot of music, although I also listened many Hands Up and Hard Trance tracks. Then, in April 2006, a friend showed me the DVD of Qlimax 2005. I'll never forget the impact DJ Isaac's set had on me, especially TAT - Track Addicted (Zatox Remix) - oh man, it was fuckin' awesome! I deeply respect these artists to this day like DJ Isaac, Zany, Zatox, Technoboy & Tuneboy... and many more...and I believe I will never reach their level. But that's not my goal anyway; I simply aim to showcase my own little world to people.

After watching the Qlimax 2005 DVD, I decided to start making Hardstyle tracks myself. I started creating a few tracks on an amateur level, and I had about 30 finished tracks, but I never published any of them because I didn't feel they were good enough. Then, at the end of 2012, things took a turn, and the Hardstyle version of "Galaxy" was born. That was the moment when I felt like, yes, everyone needs to know about this song!!! I didn't think it was the best Hardstyle track in the world - nor do I think so now. But I considered it a good track, and over time, and of course, thanks to the fans, my assumption was confirmed.

Funny thing is, "Galaxy" was completed before there was even a project name for it. There was a private house party at my place, also in late 2012, where I grabbed one of the small studio speakers from the table, put it on my head, pulled the hood over it to make it look like a speaker was on my head. One of my friends even took a picture of me, and that's where the inspiration came from to name the project Speakerheadz - which eventually became Speakerguyz, since in the end, there were only two guys, including Sebeko Jr, and not a speaker on anyone's head. So, we decided to go with the shorter name, which became Speakerguyz.

Throughout my career, I've created over 300 songs, yet only 2 of them were Hardstyle. The Galaxy and Remember the Summer. Fans might rightfully wonder why?

The answer is that, although I love the Hardstyle genre very much, I consider it a very complex genre - I mean this in terms of the complexity of creating songs. Somehow, I never felt mature enough to tackle the task of creating Hardstyle tracks. Furthermore, I was involved in many other projects, ranging from abstract, amateur productions to quite serious and prestigious songs in various genres. In fact, I estimate that about 20% of my real work is not included in the Discogs database, and even I wouldn't be able to put it all together. However, over the years, I've accumulated a lot of finished lyrics, and drafts. As a matter of fact, it's been my habit for about 25 years now to come up with song lyric ideas and even melodies in the most unexpected places and situations, and either record them as voice messages or write them down. The inspiration for these often comes from my own personally lived experiences or just spontaneously from within me. With many of these song lyrics and melody fragments, I felt that I should use them. And in many cases, I felt that Hardstyle would be the most appropriate genre for these lyrics and melodies.

This year, in early 2024, I went into the studio and realized all the usable ideas I had. The song "Respect to Africa" symbolizes, like holding up a distorted mirror to society, that Africa is a continent, not a country. There are more than 50 countries on this continent, yet it is often referred to as just one country, which is a huge mistake! Africa has diverse cultures and identities! There is also my song "Outsider," which also expresses societal criticisms. I don't want to be hypocritical, I use a smartphone too. It's just a matter of how you use it. Many people forget to live in the moment, don't even pay attention to the other person while walking, rush because they feel so important that they always have to use a smartphone under all circumstances. Well, I don't fall into that category. And sometimes, when I walk down the street, with my eyes wide open, and see how most people behave, I somehow feel like an outsider. And many of my songs have been inspired by such situations. I won't talk about all of them, but I'll highlight one more, "Peace in the World." Music unites us! Music doesn't care about your skin color, nationality, religion, or gender identity... Music simply asks you a simple question: Do you like me or not?

Note: I am aware that I may receive criticism regarding the length of the tracks, but this is an album. Extended versions may be released later, but it largely depends on the reception of the album.

Let me talk a bit about the current state of Hardstyle. I know I won't be popular with some people for saying this, but I stand by my opinion. In recent years, I believe Hardstyle has taken a very wrong direction, with all sorts of interesting music emerging, with interesting structural compositions. In itself, this wouldn't be a problem, as every style evolves, shapes itself - I think this evolution is inevitable. It's just that it matters which direction this evolution takes. And in my opinion, it has gone in the wrong direction. For me, the once melodic, emotional Hardstyle music has now become soulless, generic pieces, devoid of any musicality. Nothing that reminds me of music. You could call me old-fashioned, but I've remained loyal to the classic, euphoric Hardstyle.

Lastly, enjoy listening to the Return album! See ya!


01 - Speakerguyz - Return
02 - Speakerguyz - Galaxy 2.0
03 - Speakerguyz - I Am Outsider
04 - Speakerguyz - Peace In The World
05 - Speakerguyz - Dream Master
06 - Speakerguyz - Timemachine
07 - Speakerguyz - 2 Gangsterz
08 - Speakerguyz - Child Of The Sun
09 - Speakerguyz - Digital Revolution
10 - Speakerguyz - Heartbreaking
11 - Speakerguyz - Invasion
12 - Speakerguyz - StyleKeepers
13 - Speakerguyz - Respect to Afrika
14 - Speakerguyz - Back In The Moments
15 - Speakerguyz - This Summer
16 - Speakerguyz - Peace In The World (Retro Mix)
17 - Speakerguyz - Troll Song
18 - Speakerguyz - Master Of Manipulation